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How do I choose
what to pay?

The chart below expands our understanding of financial privilege and experience. Please use it to determine the level you’re able to spend.

At Hey Habibi, we're all about making little treasures more accessible.  Our sliding scale pricing is designed with you in mind.  Each piece is carefully priced, considering material costs and the time poured into crafting it.  The listed price reflects the value we’ve assigned to the creation.  If you have some privileges, contributing towards the higher end is super appreciated.  On the flip side, if you’re dealing with some disparities, the lower end is totally a viable option. 


This commitment comes from my own journey with finances and a scarcity mindset.  I want to ensure that you can enjoy my creations.  While this pricing model may be a bit different, I’m open to feedback and suggestions.  Sustaining myself as a jewelry artist with anti-capitalist principles is an ongoing journey, and I’m all ears for meaningful conversation on the matter.  No matter the choice you make, your decision is always kept confidential.  Your support means the world! 

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